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Air Filters

Filter Sizes We Stock

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We can special order odd-sized filters.

Aeropleat III and 30/30 1" Aeropleat III and 30/30 2" Aeropleat III and 30/30 4"
16x20 14x20 14x25
20x20 20x24 10x20
20x25 15x20 25x25
16x25 12x24 12x18
16x20 12x24 14x25
20x20 20x24 16x24
20x25 18x24 25x25
16x25 18x25 15x20
24x24 14x20 16x16
24x24 20x25
12x24 20x24
20x20 18x24
16x20 25x25
20 Pieces / Case
10 Pieces / Case
5 Pieces / Case

Other Filters

  • Medium and High Efficiency Bag Filters
  • 1" & 2" Media Filter Material
  • Paper Filter Material
  • Smith - Special Size Paper Filters
  • Special Medium and High Efficiency Pleated Filters
  • Rigaflo - Box Filters
  • Space-Gard Systems
  • Aluminum Grease / Air Filter

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