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Radiant Heaters

Infra-Red Radiant Heaters

Holohan Heating and Sheetmetal Recommends Re-Verber-Ray Radiant Tube Heaters
Why Infra-Red Radiant Heat?
Radiant Heaters lower energy costs by up to 50 % Highly effective - Heat the Ground level not the Air Can be Installed Anywhere Heat is Needed No Blowers or Fans Needed
Design / Installation
We Design and Install Radiant Heating Systems to Fit Your Needs
Sales / Service
We are a Factory Authorized Sales and Service Contractor for Reverberray Infra-red Radiant Tube Heaters

 reverberrayReverberray Tube Heaters  
HL-2 Series   XTS Series   DX-2 Series   DES Series
Each available in a variety of lengths and BTU Ratings


How Do Infra-Red Radiant Heaters Work?

Radiant Heating

Infra-Red Heat Rays are directed toward the surface by the heater. The ground and other objects below the heaters absorb the energy of these waves. The energy becomes heat in the ground and is then released into the environment. This system of heating allows the ground level to be heated and not wasting energy heating the empty spaces above the necessary heating zone.

 IRSC logo  Please visit the IRSC website for important information regarding infra-red radiant heating